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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 16, 2022
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When we see the word "refugee" appearing repeatedly in statistics, we may intuitively associate stories of people fleeing their native land, traversing mountains or oceans to new countries, looking for a place to live. But in fact, refugees not only have clear definitions and distinctions because of their different situations, but they are also affected by many external factors in their legal identification. According to the definition of UNHCR, people are divided into the following three identities in different situations: 1. \ Refugees: Threats of war, oppression or violence due to various complex factors such as race, religion, nationality, political opinion or identity of a particular ethnic group, and have concerns about their lives and have to leave the national borders to other countries. refugee. 2. Internally displaced persons: People who are forced to leave their homes due to photo retouching natural disasters, wars, oppression or threats of violence, but who do not cross national borders, and who end up finding a place to stay in the midst of internal displacement. 3. Asylum seeker: A person who is applying for refugee status after arriving in a country other than their home country, and an asylum seeker must demonstrate that he or she has a legitimate fear of persecution in his or her home country. Although there is such a clear definition, guest Liao Yunjie also added that among the nearly 90 million refugees counted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, less than one-third of them are actually refugees, because they must go through a legal process before becoming a refugee in the legal sense. Layers of review; more than half of them, more than 50 million people, are internally displaced persons, but under the conditions of totalitarian rule and restricted speech, it is difficult for us to hear their voices.
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Nayeem Ahmed

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